Android Selfie Apps Record Audio: Wandera reported the apps which have 1.5 million downloads

The internet and technology is helping a lot of us but at the same it is also becoming a dangerous place because of privacy and data breaches.

There are so many Android applications which quietly share and sale your data to highest bidders. Along with that, those shady apps pop up different advertisements and download unwanted data at many times. Besides this, they trick the users to get their confidential information which could give them a lot of profit.

Two of such application which granted them permission automatically to record audio, pop-up advertisements which are difficult to close are Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Camera.

As their name suggests, the two Google Play store apps are made to make pictures and photos more attractive. However, they turned out to share private information without users consent.

Wandera a cyber-security company reported this behavior to Google to remove them. The company tested them on a device that has Android 5.1.1 and found out that they created their shortcuts and deleted them from the app drawer themselves.

It was revealed in tests, conducted on Sun pro, that the ads were popped up even when the app is not functioning or when the device is restarted. On the other hand the test on Funny Sweet showed that the ads shown on device when the pictures are downloaded.

However, both the applications received negative reviews, still they are downloaded or installed by more than 1.5 million users. Sun Pro is downloaded by more than a million user and Funny Sweet is downloaded by more than 500,000 users.

Both applications are protected by Ijiami. It is a Chinese Packer. Packer is software program that hide Android packages (APKs) of both applications.

Although, the application were deleted from Android Play Stores on September 11, they are still earning and making money.

The security company has advised the users "Always vet the security of apps (for example read the reviews), even if they are downloaded from official stores".

Adware found in selfie camera apps on Google Play Store

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