Instagram now Allows Linked Accounts to be Created without Passwords!

It is common for Hackers to come up with new ways to trick social media users and break into their accounts. No matter how much caution a user might proceed with, hackers always work to one-up them. However, Instagram’s latest strategy might pose as a tough wall to climb for the people trying to gain unauthorized access into others’ accounts.

Recently, renowned App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong posted on Twitter about Instagram making passwords optional for accounts created under a main account in prototype. This includes the linked accounts created mostly for brands, businesses etc.

Wong attached a screenshot with her tweet as well, explaining the change mentioned above. After choosing a username for the linked account, a choice will be presented to the account holder to either log in by using an existing account or simply add a password. If the former option is chosen, anyone having access to the existing main account will be able to log into the new linked account. However, the accounts will stay separate.

According to Wong, not having a password added will make it difficult for cybercriminals to break into that account. The change should be completed implemented by now and you are encouraged to test it by creating a new account and sharing its login with an existing one.

Instagram makes passwords optional for accounts that are created under a main account in prototype  Linked accounts are usually made for brands, finsta,  novelty, etc. Getting rid of password for these accounts makes it harder to break into

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