President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, finally spoke in favor of Huawei against the US ban

Huawei and US conflict created much uproar recently, and the company is still suffering from it. However, it finally received support from its old partner, Microsoft. Brad Smith, the President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft in an interview, said that President Trump behaved in an Un-American way with the Chinese company.

Smith was of the view that the ban should not have been implemented without any solid reasons behind. There must be some facts, logics, and the rule of law behind it. He also said that his company demanded the explanation of reasons for the ban from the US authorities.

This year in May, Huawei was added to the US entity list and was banned by some of the leading tech companies of US like Google, Intel, and Qualcomm. Since then Huawei lost access to the products of these companies, such as Qualcomm’s chips or Google’s service like Play Store for its to-be-launched products.

The Chinese company managed to have two extensions of 90-days from the US authorities but still was unable to have any dealings with these companies using temporary license for their new products.

Huawei will launch its upcoming Mate 30 Pro by without any Google apps on it.

Later in June, President Trump allowed Huawei to trade with US companies but only in sectors that will not harm national security. The real scope of the statement has not been clarified yet.

According to Smith, Trump should be aware of what he is doing as he was associated with the hotel business. He further stated that letting tech company sell products but not buy operating systems or chips is like allowing hotel company to open doors but not furnish their hotel rooms or serve food in a restaurant. This policy will put Huawei at precarious state.

Huawei and Microsoft have stayed partners in many areas of technology. At a time where no other tech organization has to lend their support for the Chinese tech giant, Microsoft put forward their stance in favor of Huawei.

Photo: Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

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