Facebook experiments with a new design on Timeline, tries out color wheel option for Instagram too!

Tech companies constantly test new features to enhance the experiment of their users. Take Facebook for example. Recently we have seen many updates from the leading social media giant such as the removal of likes button from the newsfeed and the ability to add songs from Spotify to profiles.

And now it seems like there are more changes in the making for Facebook users – says app researcher Matt Navarra and Industry Consultant Andrew Curry simultaneously.

According to Matt Navarra, Facebook is working on a major redesign to its newsfeed and timeline. The design was initially revealed at the F8 conference held between April 30 and May 1 of this year.

From the screenshot shared by the Bloggers, it appears that the new layout will improve the clutter on the newsfeed and display a more simpler version of the timeline.

The second new feature the developers are working on is the addition of color wheel option on Instagram.

At this point, both the updates seem interesting. However, we are all aware that the features that go on testing sometimes never make it to our devices. Let’s wait and watch for the fate of these updates in test mode.

Keep watching this space and we will update you on further notifications regarding these features and many more.

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