Instagram Copies the TikTok’s Icon, named “Clips”

Many social media companies invest millions in the development of a new feature. In this competitive time, when every other social network is in competition with one another, bringing out a unique and innovative feature is a great deal.

Sometimes social media companies come up with extremely rare and innovative ideas and sometimes they get inspired by other tech giants and adapt their features. For instance, Facebook and Instagram adopted the story feature of Snapchat.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram has been working on the “Clips” feature for new story camera since July. It allows the user to record small segments of videos into a single story just like TikTok. Other similar features are, adjusting the speed and timer of the video clips, and overlaying music in the videos. Despite all these features, Instagram is not currently cloning the effects and filters feature of TikTok.

However, Instagram can clone these features using the “Spark AR” technology by Facebook’s augmented reality tech. Right now, Instagram is copying these features as an experiment, so, it will be interesting to see if it will succeed in its experimentation or not.

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