Google Map Update Helps Business Owners Edit Info

As a business owner, listing your business on Google Maps is one of the most important things that you can do. This is because of the fact that when people are trying to come to your business, assuming that your business consists of a brick and mortar store, they will probably first try to look for it on Google Maps since this is the most convenient way to look for anything in the physical world.

However, one problem that a lot of business owners faced had to do with the information that was presented to people in the listing that was uploaded to Google Maps. Editing the information contained within this listing used to be a complicated process, and this is something that put a lot of business owners off the idea of trying to add their business to Google maps so that people would find it easier to locate them when they are considering going to acquire the business owner’s offered products and services.

A new update to Google Maps is going to change all that, though. Now, if you find your business on Google Maps and see that there is an inaccuracy that needs to be changed, you would be able to make the change within the app itself. Before this update you would have had to go and use Google Maps from a browser or you would have had to use a separate app called Google My Business.

The new update is going to make it more likely that business owners would be willing to give Google Maps a chance, and it will make it easier for them to ensure that the information presented on Google Maps is as accurate as possible.

Photo: AP

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