Google Maps is rolling out incognito mode for some users

Google announced its under-development feature – the Incognito Mode for Google Maps back at the Google I/O. During the event, Google claimed that the incognito mode feature would allow users to hide their browsing data. It would also restrict the app from storing the logged-in information.

The latest news suggests that the Incognito Mode is here…almost... and some users of Google Maps are getting early birds access to the feature.

In fact, some users of Google Maps have claimed to receive emails that ask for their confirmation to join the incognito beta for Google Maps. Once the user agrees to the ‘experiment,’ Google gives them immediate access to the app that limits their data tracking and storage.

When the incognito mode is turned on, a black strip appears at the top of the Maps interface, signifying the activation of the feature. Users who are experimenting with the feature also claim that the usual blue location indicator also transforms into a dark gray color.

However, there is no official announcement by Google as to when the Maps incognito mode will fully launch for all the users. As of now, the functionality is only limited to the users who are part of the closed beta program.

Stay tuned with us and we will update you if any official announcement from the makers of Google Maps comes up!

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