Are you as curious as we are to know about the most and least female entrepreneurs in various countries?

Entrepreneurs are the people that help countries to develop new technologies and moving forward than other competitors. Some people feel internally derived to bring a change in the society or to introduce a revolutionary product that helps bring ease in the life of millions of users. Not just men but women also play a very vital role in bringing a change in the society. Whereas some people adapt and modify according to the change but others resist changing because of opposition to female authority.

A recent study on most and least female entrepreneurs

Recently, a study took place in more than 49 countries by the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association (GERA) to reveal about the female entrepreneurs especially common in countries and in others have very low rates.

According to the study, developing nations like Angola, Sudan, Chile, and Canada have the highest rates of female entrepreneurs as compared to nations of Europe like Italy which have the lowest female entrepreneur rates.

According to the researchers, there are two categories of entrepreneurs derived from entrepreneurship. It is either caused due to lack of formal employment opportunities in under-developed countries or derived based on innovation in countries where formal job markets are well-developed.

According to the report of the GERA, there is a very big difference in rates of female entrepreneurs in under-developed and well-developed nations. In Angola, the rate of female entrepreneurs is 40 percent same as the rates of men in that nation whereas Egypt has female entrepreneurial activity with a low rate of 5.4 percent and in India, it is 8.7 percent whereas the rates of male entrepreneurs are higher around 14 percent.

European countries have the lowest female entrepreneur rates as compared to others with Italy having the lowest rate of female entrepreneurship of 2.8 percent, Cyprus with 2.9 percent and Germany ranking with 3.3 percent female entrepreneurial activity. According to the report, Chile was a developed country with the most female entrepreneurial activity of more than 21 percent.

Developed countries have rates of male entrepreneurs with 50 to 100 percent higher rates than female entrepreneurs. According to the report, Canada displayed the lowest difference of rates among men and women entrepreneurs with 17 percent female entrepreneurs and 20 percent of male entrepreneurs. In Europe, the entrepreneurial rate of Spanish women was 6 percent as close to a 7 percent rate of male entrepreneurs in the country.

Where Female Entrepreneurs Are Most & Least Common - chart
Chart: Statista.

The gap in male and female entrepreneur rates also display the less equality in the job markets. Different countries show a very traditional corporate culture where female entrepreneurial rates are less due to unequal career opportunities provided to women.

Bottom Line

This research by the GERA shows the type of inequality countries do among men and women. Female entrepreneurs should be given opportunities similar to the men so that both can help make the country a better place.

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