Facebook is Reportedly Testing Chat Posts for Sharing Messenger Group Chats in Posts!

Although Facebook has always supported Group as well as Individual Chats, the introduction of Messenger really changed things for the better. A standalone app for managing Chats and Audio/Video Calls has turned out to be quite handy so far for the users. However, everything needs to keep on evolving in order to stay relevant and looks like Facebook is quite aware of this saying.

Recently, App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about Facebook working on a new feature concerned with Group Chats. Wong’s tweet states that the social media giant is testing out Chat Posts that share a Messenger Group Chat in a Post.

Wong also attached a screenshot with her tweet, giving us a sneak peek at the feature in question. Upon choosing to Create a Post, the list of available Post options such as Photo/Video, Watch Party, Activity etc. will pop up. Among these options will be the new “Chat” option represented by Messenger’s icon. Once the Chat option is chosen, the user will be asked to explain what the Chat is about and add people to it.

Instagram users might have a better idea than the rest about Chat Posts as the feature is somewhat similar to Instagram’s Chat Stickers. The Stickers guide users from Story to Direct Group Chats.

As of now, it isn’t known when (and if) the feature will roll out. If the screenshots are any indication, it shouldn’t take long. Despite having so much potential, it can’t be said for sure whether Chat Posts will sit well with Facebook users or not. Only time will be able to answer that. Stay tuned for further updates in this story.

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