New kinds of investments in Panama

The Panamanian economy is one of the strongest and freest in the world. That is why a large number of entrepreneurs in the country and international are attracted to the possibility of making direct investments. For example, a large number of European companies see a first investment in Panama as a great opportunity to enter Central and Latin America.

Economic growth

The economy of Panama has extended as never before during the last ten years, and a sample of this situation is the percentage of growth that is approximately 5% per year. Likewise, foreign direct investment is promoted through important projects such as the possibility of building an additional bridge in the Canal, or that of the Urban Regeneration of Colón, among others.

This year (2019) will end the so-called Five-year Strategic Plan that the Panamanian government had implemented in 2015. But, this does not mean that others will not be implemented so that the economy continues to grow. In fact, there is a new innovative plan called Vision 2030 Panama, which aims to continue promoting foreign investment and in the future build a totally modernized city thanks to the total economy provided by the Canal itself.

A change encouraging to casino operators

Casino games are an entertainment enjoyed by both Panamanians and tourists who visit the country every year. There are many casinos in Panama and the gaming industry had significant growth for a long time, but it was affected three years ago when new taxes were applied on tickets and tokens. However, both casino operators and players got used to the tax and assimilated it.

With regard to online gambling, the inhabitants of the country bet on websites of other jurisdictions, so the government representatives, more specifically from the Game Control Board, think in the short term to develop and approve a regulation for gambling on-line.

How is the business landscape for the future?

It is possible to say that this is the ideal time to start an executive project in Panama. First, the tourism sector continues to grow, so the real estate area is one of the strongest in the country through the construction of new hotel complexes and residential buildings.

Despite the problems that the last government faced by the complaints that led to the case called the "Panama papers", they were able to recover and plan to implement more controls on businessmen who want to start their companies in the country. Without a doubt, Panama is a country that offers a great variety of opportunities and it seems that it will continue to open its doors to all those who want to be part of their growth with honesty, work and good ideas.

Photo: Luis Acosta / AFP/Getty Images)

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