For consumers, promotional content is irritating but let’s see the most annoying types of digital ads

Majority of people use internet on a daily basis to communicate with their loved ones. Some use social media apps to create their own unique space where they can share their thoughts and influence others. Within a few years, the technology evolved a lot from being the first web page on the internet to millions of websites available now. Social media platforms are not just modes of communication for people but brands also use these platforms as a medium to engage with potential customers.

We now live among the generation of tech savvy people who prefer looking for brands on social media platforms before selecting any product to purchase. Brands try to use this in their advantage to generate a variety of leads. Nowadays digital marketing is a new strategy used by brands to engage with their potential customers. Some brands use a variety of advertisements to interact with the kind of audience they want for their brand. A huge variety of brands nowadays use the technique of sponsored ads to reach potential consumers.

Although the brands use digital advertising to only interact with its potential customers but this can be really annoying. Nobody likes it when watching a video online after every few minutes an ad pops up and you have to wait for it to end so that you can resume watching a video. The growing number of sticky ads can be pretty annoying and frustrating for internet users.

Survey to find most annoying digital ads

Recently, a survey of US digital ad buyers took place which revealed about the types of advertisement that were most annoying for users. A research firm named eMarketer commissioned Bizrate Insights to survey the US digital buyers and their response to the ads they find most useful or most annoying.

The results came as to surprise, Two-thirds (66.7 percent) of US digital buyers considered the video ads that autoplay with sounds the most annoying category of online ads.

More than 55 percent of the digital consumers think automatically playing video ads as the most annoying digital ads. Video advertisements that also play automatically without any sound were considered as the second most annoying digital ads.

Audio ads that automatically start streaming on online music (or podcasts) apps were considered the third most annoying ads for US users. This category of audio ads on podcasts or music streaming services was considered as annoying by 47.4 percent of the respondents.

More than 42.4 percent of the digital buyers considered ads showing up based on online searching as annoying.

Around 36.7 percent of the digital buyers think of banner ads on websites as annoying advertisements especially for the products already purchased.

Brands that target audience on social media feeds through ads based on customer’s interests and behaviors were considered annoying by more than 36.3 percent potential customers.

Only 10 percent of digital buyers stated they don’t think of any advertisements as annoying.

The list to identify the most annoying ads for consumers was made based on personalized ads in search results, websites and social media platforms.


Based on the research and the data results it is pretty easy to assume that internet users prefer ads without any ties with their browsing or shopping activities. In order to engage with potential consumers, it is very important for advertisers to maintain a balance so that their ads don’t become annoying for users which result in fewer leads.

According to eMarketer, majority of the digital buyers state that they use an ad blocker to avoid these kinds of digital ads but we expect if brands start creating unique ads that deliver quality and engaging content can most likely result in users not blocking ads anymore.

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