Ads on social media are becoming increasingly popular

New products and services are introduced to the mass public through advertising. Advertising holds immense importance and exists in all media platforms such as TV, print and especially social media. Although several internet users block ads to appear on the screen, almost half of the people make get attracted to the products they see in ads and they tend to buy them.

Global ad spend is expected to rise to $333 billion (by 18%) in 2019 and $517 billion in 2023. Digital marketing will observe a major surge as compare to traditional marketing in the future, according to eMarketer.

While Google is the first one, Facebook and Instagram altogether are said to be the second largest ad platforms.

To better understand how effective is advertising on social media, the folks at GlobalWebIndex (GWI) share their insights on the subject, here's what they found:

The percentage of people using social media for purchasing items has increased to 31% in 2019.

Internet users usually block ads that appear on the website they visit. On the contrary, most of the social media users take interest actively in the ads that appear at social media platforms. Ads on social media forums are now a key element of digital marketing and are important to introduce products and services to buyers.

According to the study, 28% of internet users say that ads aid them to know about new brands and items. Ads displayed on social media forums are ranked the fourth most popular source when it comes to brand discovery and introduction, according to the GWI study. Consequently, ads on social media have gained prominence over ads displayed on the websites.

Social media ads are expected to be dominating more in future over other sources, although TV ads (35%), verbal communication (31%) and other forms are still famous.

In the research, various regions are studied and compared as per the popularity of social media ads there. Although the trend of social media ads is not the same throughout the globe, they are dominating in various parts of the world. Social media ads are more effective in MEA, while traditional sources are still popular in Latin America.

People who view ads on social media and find more information about them are eager to know if the brand they are looking for is socially accepted and responsible or not. A few of them desire to get ecological items from their preferred brands.

Social media ads enable the users to easily interact with brands and such ads also help the brands get recognition to a great extent. In a whole, social media ads may likely to get completely separated from traditional methods in the future.

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