Apple is accusing Google of monitoring activities of its users

Recently, Google - the largest platform revealed its hacking strategies used to target users of Apple devices and this story spread like a fire in the woods. In response to the reveal by Google, now Apple is attacking Google in public for violating the privacy of its users. Apple accused the Google of attacking all iPhone users.

The actual information Google is trying to hide

The rise in accusations by Apple on Google was never about the project that Google revealed on monitoring private activities of all iPhone users but instead, it was about the what Google didn’t mention in its report. The interests of Google for business in China led to describe its attack as wide research instead of a targeted attack at the Uighur community.

The attack by Google was never a broad-based exploit of iPhone users instead of the attack only affected the websites that displayed the content related to the Uighur community.

Android was also a victim of Google discovery

Recently, a cyber-security based firm in Washington DC revealed that the same threat of targeting Uighurs also monitored activities of Android users with more than 11 websites used by Google to carry out the attack.

According to the reports, the attack by Google took place on Apple’s iOS, the tech giant also targeted Android users to carry out the attack and this detail were missing from the report revealed by Project Zero team.

Response from Google

According to Google, the platform was unaware of its effects on Android as the team of Google saw the exploitation of iOS users on these sites back in January 2019.

The core purpose behind the Project Zero was to post technical research to better understand the security loopholes in order to make the platform more secure with new strategies. The researchers of Project Zero are a highly respected group of people in cyber-security space and never for once used anything against Google’s rivals. The team behind the Project Zero stated that its team highlighted the technical vulnerabilities and the team also stated that it will keep on working with Apple and other companies to help make their platforms secure for users.

Concerns on Google Report

There are big concerns on how Google revealed a piece of specific information and there is no mention of China in its research of Project Zero. There is no official statement from Google regarding the accusations of targets on the Uighur community. According to the researchers of project zero, they completely know about the web addresses affects but still deny the accusations of its target on the Uighur community.

Last month there was also a report on the backed misinformation of efforts of China on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

There are also big concerns on the Apple as if it already knew about the iOS flaw before the reveal by Google then why it kept quiet and never properly addressed the users. A question arises in our minds that if Apple knew about the booby-trapped websites gathering users’ data on Uighurs then why it never warned them about it?

And just like Google, Apple won’t clearly display the reason for Beijing being clearly responsible behind the efforts. The malicious behavior of China is not being addressed to the audience due to the ongoing business deals of Google with China and the involvement of too many known companies.

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