A flaw in Whatsapp can give hackers access to private chats of iOS Users

Security experts recently detected a bug in Whatsapp that could provide hackers with access to the private chats of the users. Google’s Project Zero team discovered and pointed out the flaw and revealed that iOS users are under threat.

iOS users have been warned not to open any link of the compromised website that might be circulating in messages. The users have been advised to update the latest OS by Apple on their devices. They should also not open any malicious email or any authorized website that can make them vulnerable to hackers.

Ian Beer, a Google researcher, said that if hackers get access to Whatsapp chats, then hack the plain text messages to a server. There are just a few numbers of websites that can aid in hacking devices; thus, users should not follow any link of the unauthorized website.

Hackers can only get access to plain text messages. However, they are capable of getting media files and record locations through chats.

In response to this, The spokesperson of WhatsApp said WhatsApp is concerned about the privacy of users. But the company disagreed that there is any bug in the Whatsapp. For the users’ safety, they should follow the manufacturer’s warning about security update for the operating system of mobile phones.

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