Apple iPhone Sales dropped below 50% showing a Great Decline

iPhone will showcase its new gadgets and products on the 10th of September, keeping up with the tradition. Every year, iPhone conducts an annual launch to show the features and specifications of their new products to the users. The annual launch is being carried out since 2011, right before the holiday season.

Even though iPhone has always managed to stay on the top of the mobile phones market, but Apple has been facing some issues concerning its sales lately. From the new release, it is expected that iPhones will come with new changes related to better camera and other features.

iPhone has been the most profitable and most revenue-generating product of Apple since its launch in 2003. iPhone is generating around 60% of the Apple’s revenue since the last five years with 70% company’s net sales in the year 2018.

Despite iPhone’s great contribution in the revenue of Apple, the last quarter has marked some important findings. The iPhone sales has dropped by $29.74 billion to $25.99; whereas, other gadgets and products by Apple have performed great in the market. The sudden downfall in Apple sales have dropped the total revenue of Apple by 50% for the first time since 2012.

Source: Statista.

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