Apple alters App Store after antitrust concerns

Apple changed its app algorithm to let other applications or apps surface on the screen when they are searched, according to New York Times.

According to the analysis of Times and complains of other companies, the App Store surface Apple made applications more than apps made by other developers. For example, Spotify and Netflix did not appear firstly on when the users searched podcasts or web series. Instead Apple specified apps appeared firstly, although, they are not more popular than them. Secondly, such company specified apps are appeared which are not even related to searched item.

According to the complaints of Spotify and other apps, the company charged more for other apps than Apple apps from users because they act as third party. The complaint filer said that they have 30 percent of commission on the sales of other developers’ apps.

Philip Schiller, the senior vice president of marketing, said that Apple applications are more popular; therefore, they dominant when they are searched. Secondly, he and Eddy Cue, internet and service software’s senior vice president said that Apple apps’ names are similar due to which the systems grouped them together and surface them together.

Currently, Apple has been alleged by numerous app developers and companies. Recently, Supreme Court has given rights to Apple users to charge lawsuit or file case against Apple’s App Store disturbing practices. Apple lost the case in court in which five people voted against apple, the company which said that users cannot sue the store because developers set the price and the team do not charge extra money from users. Four voted in favor of this Big Tech.

However, the store has been altered and the executives agreed that they have not corrected but improved the store.

Photo: MichaelGaida

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