Apple admits to break China Labor Law – Confirms to employ too many temporary workers at iPhone factory

China Labor Watch has accused the company Apple and its manufacturing partner Foxconn to break the China Labor Law during the production of their new iPhone.

According to the report published in the China Labor Law, investigators from the publication went undercover at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory. Here, it should be noted that the Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory is the world’s largest iPhone factory – often deemed as the “iPhone City.”

During their tenure, the investigators found that during the month of August, Apple hired 50% of the employees as temporary or dispatch workers. According to Chinese law, the workforce can comprise of a maximum 10% of dispatch workers.

In their response, both Apple and Foxconn admitted to the allegations and agreed that they had exceeded the limit of dispatch workers allowed by Chinese law.

However, the iPhone manufacturer claimed that they are compensating each employee appropriately and paying all their earned workhours, overtime, and bonus payments. Additionally, the company’s spokesperson said that they are monitoring the situation at their Zhengzhou factory and there is no evidence of forced labor from any side.

The news regarding employee exploitation came at the same time Apple was getting ready to launch its latest offering – the iPhone 11. Perhaps iPhone makers had employed ‘too many’ workers to speed up the production of their newest gadget. But this makes us wonder. Did Apple follow a similar protocol during the making of all their iPhones?

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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