is Artificial Intelligence at its eeriest

Artificial intelligence and machine learning need no introduction in today’s modern era with technology getting smarter every day.

NVidia is one such company that is using deep learning profoundly and is praised for boasting impressive graphics cards. In fact, a few months back the tech giant revealed a new generative adversarial network (GAN) the company had developed that indicated the power of deep learning.

However, this was more than a year ago and today, the technology has advanced to such an extinct that you can even use it on your phone.

Take for example their website, “” the website has the capabilities of conjuring up an image using the GAN algorithm.

The GAN works by splitting the task of AI in separate parts. One set of algorithms generates an image while the other determines if the image appears to be real or fake. In case the face seems illegitimate, the algorithm starts over. Once the judging algorithm accepts the image, the AI developer checks the results and fixes any algorithm issue if the image doesn’t seem appropriate.
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GAN is the brainchild of Google’s Ian Goodfellow. However, NVidia is doing a great job of perfecting the technology. Check out their recent work on the cutting-edge technology here.

This website is generating fake faces based on AI

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