YouTube’s new team of managers is focused on monitoring political creators

Over the past years, YouTube faced a lot of controversies regarding censoring right-wing political contents. Now YouTube is hiring new managers to handles political issues more effectively and effortlessly. These new managers are meant to work with progressive political publishers and conservative political publishers. This is a new attempt by YouTube to create a friendlier environment for all sorts of creators.

YouTube employees several managers to work directly with creators just to help them if they are facing any sort of issues. Over the past years, YouTube faced a lot of criticism from people all over the world regarding its failure to handle politics and censoring the right content. So, this new team of managers is appointed just to respond efficiently to political issues on YouTube.

The core focus of these new managers is to advise partners regarding YouTube development strategies and help political publishers to represent their content within the organization. Managers will also help to bring various political issues on the platform and organize programs and events to help multiple political publishers make the best of YouTube. This is a new addition to the categories of managers YouTube already holds.

According to YouTube, the best way to work with the creators of YouTube is by connecting with them directly and this is where YouTube Partner Managers come to the rescue. YouTube already has many experts to work on content categories and it is now spreading the partnerships teams to work specifically with news creators of both conservative and progressive news.

The criticism regarding censorship of political content is getting worse day by day. YouTube’s decision to hire new managers to directly contact with conservative and progressive political creators is only to communicate with the creators who feel unheard.

YouTube always tries to make its platform more user-friendly and to make this platform a secure place for users to share their thoughts. So this new attempt of hiring managers to directly communication with political publishers is to help make this platform a place with freedom of expression and information for users. The main goal of this new category of managers is to help make YouTube free from being a space to spread harmful conspiracy theories about major events. This is a big step for YouTube to create more friendly space for users from all over the world and this will help increase YouTube’s reputation in the political community as well.

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