YouTube to stop recommending conspiracy videos soon!

YouTube has announced that it will not be recommending conspiracy videos to its users from now on. Over the last couple of years, such types of videos have managed to garner a large number of views. The algorithm for this recommendation process worked in a weird way, according to which, even a safe search could lead you towards such videos. Thus, it became nearly impossible to avoid them.

According to a report by Buzzfeed, such videos were suggested even without logging in or launching YouTube with empty watch and search histories. The insanity reached its peak after such videos started popping up on YouTube's Kids app.

However, the video sharing platform will be a considerably safer place soon as the company has assured everyone that any such videos won’t be suggested that come close to going against the community guidelines or those which spread misinformation to users that can adversely affect them. Yes, it also includes videos with flat earth related content. Millions of videos are expected to be affected by this change.

YouTube has said that the move will be implemented in such a way that the platform maintains its reputation of being a free speech hub, in addition to fulfilling its obligations to the users. Although such issues were caused by YouTube’s algorithm, the claimed change will also be implemented through an algorithm which will determine the types of videos to pop in the recommended section.
"This change relies on a combination of machine learning (artificial intelligence) and real people (i.e. content moderators).", explained YouTube team in a blog post.
Patience is the key however, as this change will be imposed slowly and steadily, starting in USA with a limited number of videos and if everything goes well and improves with time, it will go global.
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It should be noted here that conspiracy videos will continue to appear in search results. In addition to that, if a user has subscribed to any channel which posts suck kind of videos, they will also be able to see these videos in the recommendation section.

Here’s to hoping that YouTube manages to back up its claims this time around.

YouTube to Tweak Its Video Recommendation Engine That Can't Stop Serving Up Conspiracy Theory Content

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