The Drama Behind the Struggle of Making Hardware for Facebook

It seems like Facebook has been only attracting scandals and drama for a long time which calls for a “social network” rendition, just to keep up with the continues Facebook drama. Just like area 51, there is a secret drama behind building 8 in the Facebook headquarters, where the company is struggling with one of the most secretive team with highest financial support. Building 8 is the hardware division of Facebook where a team of highly selected people works to develop innovative hardware for Facebook. The idea was to develop a place where Facebook could assort their own social hardware products just like google, Microsoft and apple. However, due to scandals and continuous privacy drama, things only became problematic for Facebook.

The basic idea of Facebook was to make a system where users could just type via his thoughts, later the company shifted more towards video-based content, which changed a lot of things. During the year 2015, the company hired a Google technologist and formed DARPA Regina Dugan to help the company run their hardware building 8 however, things soon become quite heated that resulted in her departure. As a result, Facebook disbanded their secretive hardware group within a year and in December 2018, all the employees shifted to various other running projects of the company.

According to CNBC, the departure of Dugan was because of Bosworth who was given the charge of the hardware efforts. Bosworth was not competent enough according to Dugan and so this resulted in her departure. Moreover, to further add fuel to the fire the company was dragged under the bus because of the privacy scandal which further delayed the release of their much-awaited hardware product portal. After so much delay, Portal was finally announced in last October and released in November. Just after a month of Portal’s released in December employees from building 8 were dispersed and dislocated in other departments.

Currently, Facebook is working on a variety of hardware products which includes devices like Ripley, small cameras that can be attached to screen to change it into a portal. To make this project huge, Facebook is in conversation with Netflix and Disney to help them designing portals and hardware that can help both companies.


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