According to DMI's survey, people still prefer shopping in-person instead of relying on online tools!

At a time when almost everything has become accessible via digital means, a majority of people still prefer making in-store purchases. According to a recent DMI survey, based on 1,530 US adults, around 88 percent of the shoppers said that they have made in-store purchases in the previous month. 59 percent voted in favor of online shopping and only 38% claimed that they shopped through retailers’ mobile apps.

The above mentioned stats were for purchases. When it comes to browsing however, 42 percent of those surveyed responded that they prefer browsing on mobile devices. The percentages were 30% for in-store and 28% for desktop browsing.

55 percent of the respondents were Amazon Prime members. These members implied that they were 44 percent more likely to make in-store purchases once a week at the very least.

49 percent of respondents agreed that the ideal place to discover new products and goods is Amazon, followed by Social Media (45 percent) and Search Engines (38 percent).

34 percent of the respondents came across AI tools during shopping and around 54% of these people claimed to be quite satisfied with AI tech.

So, what we can discern from the above stats and figures is that although people today are hands-on with digital tools and devices, they still prefer shopping offline and picking up their items in-person.

The survey also showed that 76 percent of the respondents believe that the best way to get in touch with the brands is by visiting the stores in-person. 59 percent said that emails are the most effective method, while 56 percent said that phone calls are the perfect way to reach out to companies.

It’s a well-known fact that Amazon has a heavy presence in the online retail marketplace. However, DMI’s research demonstrates that this can help other retailers to improve their services.

As for the respondents shopping on Amazon, 31% said that they like it because of free shipping and 19% said that they shop on Amazon for fast delivery.

DMI’s vice president for strategy and chief digital officer Michael Deittrick said that people can find almost anything at reasonable rates on Amazon these days. He also advised other retailers to improve their customer experience model by implementing the no-hassle return policy.

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