Twitter’s Trying to Be More Transparent to Users With Its New Third-party Apps Authorization Policy

Twitter is a platform known for its ability to provide unique services to the users. The core purpose of the team of Twitter is to make its platform more user-friendly and to ease the users in all the ways possible. We are living in the era of the digital world and pretty much rely on social media platforms for all sort of services.

New policies Introduced by Twitter

To perform and automate various tasks different social media platforms engage the audience with third-party apps. A lot of users without reading the policies trust these third-party apps and authorize access. But it’s scary to not know what these third-party apps might do after getting access.

On Friday, Twitter released that it wants the users to be more aware regarding the apps they authorize. Twitter wants to enable its users with accurate information to know what these third-party apps might do after being authorized. Authorizing a third-party app can permit it to post tweets and DMs on behalf of the user. It was difficult for users to read all the policies of these apps so Twitter is making it easy with more clear language so that users can only authorize the apps they trust and know about its workings after providing access.

After this new update, users might be required to re-authorize all the apps again after knowing exactly what these apps can do after access.
"You may receive requests to reauthorize apps affected by this change. You can always see what apps you have authorized, what they are able to do, and revoke access here:", explained Twitter in a tweet. Adding further, "We’ve also updated our Help Center article on third-party apps and permissioning with more details."
To this news, a huge amount of users are displaying positive feedback for Twitter. Who doesn’t love an app that always tries to protect user privacy? Twitter is always known for its unique services to users and people feel more secure and safe on this platform.

Bottom Line

The main goal of the team of Twitter is to always bring more comfort in the life of its users by providing friendly policies and bringing new updates every once in a while. People often allow access to third-party apps without even knowing what it might do after authorization. This can lead do various privacy issues as well so this new step by Twitter is all meant to save users from any sort of privacy threats. Twitter’s only goal is to make sure its platform is safe and secure for the users and this is just another step to make sure of that.

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