Twitter launches a new ad format specially focused to help marketers

Twitter is a platform known to bring ease in the life of its users. Nowadays, users desire to have their own unique space where they can be themselves, be heard and influence others. People use Twitter for a variety of services, some use it to share their thoughts on some trending events whereas some use this platform to raise their voice against social norms. Twitter supports each and every user in all sort of categories as long as they follow the policies of the platform.

Twitter is a platform that focuses not only on users but also on advertisers. Different companies use this platform to engage a variety of audience. The team of Twitter attempts to make the experience best for marketers and potential customers as well.

New ad format tested by Twitter

Back in March, Twitter started testing a new carousel ad format to help marketers in the campaigns. This new feature is meant to help not only advertisers to display more content in larger format but it also attempts to make this a better experience for potential customers as well. This new Carousel ad format enables advertisers to add a variety of larger images in the collections of their ad campaigns.

Twitter experimented with this new ad format back in March and now it is spreading this format to more types of campaigns as well. This Carousel ad format can now be used even in regular business posts as well. The new format includes large-sized images panel and a swipeable carousel stream.

Response from Twitter

When SocialMediaToday asked Twitter to comment on this new ad format, the team stated that it’s always been a priority for Twitter to make the experience of this platform best for all type of users. The team of Twitter continuously tests new features and services to help deliver the best experience for the people on Twitter and to also help marketer reach a unique status as compared to competitors.

Bottom Line

Twitter is a platform that always tries to bring unique services to for its users to bring more comfort in its usage. Users rely more on this platform due to its unique features to help them in all the ways possible. This new ad format is an attempt to not only help advertisers create unique ads but also for viewers to actually feel interested in the ads and not annoyed by it. This new ad layout is more focused on visual which makes it stand out in the feed of Twitter. There is no official announcement from Twitter regarding the full release of this new ad format but Twitter will be monitoring user responses to help take decisions needed for the next stages.

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