Twitter is planning to provide more Ads API for advertisers

Twitter is a platform that not only focuses on bringing new services for its users but also for brands who are using this platform to advertise. Previously, Twitter used to provide a space for third-party data sources for different companies to use according to their ad requirements.

New policy launched by Twitter

Advertisers used the standardized policy of advertisement on Twitter by using audience data from third-party sources and utilizing it according to its ad requirements but not anymore. Now Twitter just launched a new policy that offers advertisers to use Twitter Ads API instead of third-party sources. According to Twitter, this change will begin next year and the core focus behind this new policy is to create a way in which advertisers use audience data through Twitter Ads API that gives more improved results and flexibility to Twitter partners and its customers.

After the launch of this new policy, advertisers will need to purchase their own data instead of going towards third-party sources and later on the Twitter team will approve these data sources for advertisers to use accordingly.

What is the need for this policy?

This new policy raised a lot of questions regarding the need for this new policy and how it will benefit advertisers. Currently, with the previous policy operating on Twitter marketers have the option to either use third-party data sources offered by Twitter which includes the ad cost of the external data sources and total ad costs as well. With this new policy, advertisers will need to purchase their own external data sources and not from Twitter anymore. Some of the Twitter advertisers are already using their own data sources to buy ads instead of Twitter’s external data sources. This new policy is expected to be launched from January 1, 2020, and at the same time, Twitter will be removing third-party data sources from its platform as well.

Bottom Line

The team of Twitter’s core focus is to provide a platform with the best experience for not only customers but also for advertisers from a variety of companies. Third-party data sources always had the risk of data breaches, so this new policy is not just preventing any privacy violation but also helping advertisers to know about the authenticity of its data sources.

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