The New Patent Allows Facebook to Post Ads in The Direct Messages

Facebook has been trying to sell us everything right from the start. You start a video and there is an ad in between, you open a story and there are ads in between the stories, from newsfeed to timeline every section show some sort of ad now. We have come to a point where ads are becoming annoying and most users are figuring out ways to block these ads but just when we thought things would become better, rumor has it Facebook is now introducing ads in private conversations.

The new patent will allow Facebook to place ads between the conversations which means that Facebook will be now picking up keywords from the private conversations. This patent was filed in 2015 but has recently been made public. According to this patent, if there is a conversation about a trip between friends, this might trigger ads about a trip, holiday destination or podcasts about the trips. All these ads will be displayed via a plugin. In short, with the help of these plugins, the users will be able to use all these services within the messenger. Previously Facebook has used the same technology to provide access to third-party apps which helps in playing games or hailing cabs.

The data will not only be extracted from the private conversation of the users but also from the users’ location in order to endure targeted ad placement. Just like other tech giants, Facebook takes advertising business seriously and they often patent new ideas which help them to stay updated. However, not all these innovative ideas transform into the final product.

However, this update is yet a rumor and one of the Facebook spokesperson has yet denied the placement of ads in the private conversations for now. However, Mark Zuckerberg has over and over indicated that he has massive plans to reorient the company especially around direct messaging and encryption.

Overall, Facebook has denied that they have any plans to place ads between the private conversion because this might spark major controversy and might lead to some major loss of users. Most users already suspect that the company and apps under its umbrella have been listening to their conversation and this has led to abandoning the app by most of the young users. If in the future the company decides to place ads between the conversation this might become the biggest scandal the company has ever seen.

Photo: tomeng via Getty Images

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