Samsung is trying to win the ongoing battle with Apple with its new GIFs

Over the past years, a variety of technology was introduced and replaced by others. Different companies try to provide unique services to its customers so that the firm stands out in the market of competitors. A variety of digital device companies came and left but Apple and Samsung are the two largest companies to produce smartphones and their battle never ends.

Every year, Apple and Samsung introduce new operating systems and devices with unique features to compete with each other. There are so many services that the users of Samsung and Apple users are blessed with.

Apple has a unique feature of iMessage that enables its users to video call, voice call, and text and share pictures. Now when the conversation between Apple users happen it all happens in a blue-colored format but as Samsung users are not blessed with the feature of iMessage they fail to converse with iPhone users in a blue bubble format instead their texts deliver in a green bubble. Apple users are so much indulged in the blue bubble format of conversations that when a Samsung user text and it displays in a green bubble it annoys the Apple users.

Pretty slick comeback by Samsung

Since Apple will not bring the Android client on the platform of iMessage, so Samsung launched a comeback with a new collection of GIFs for its users. We know these GIFs are annoying but it’s a good comeback for Apple users who complain about green bubble texts. More than 30 different GIFs were published by Samsung’s GIPHY page as a comeback when iPhone users throw the tantrums of the green bubble in texts.

According to Samsung, users should not care about the green bubble they cause and for that it created a collection of comeback GIFs to tell iPhone users to just “deal with it”.

There is this one GIF that we find so funny is where Samsung teases iPhone users with a huge amount of cash it saved by not spending money on the purchase of Apple product.

In most of the GIFs, Samsung simply states that the green bubbles are superior to blue and the Samsung users should not give a damn about blue bubble conversations.

iMessage is truly an impressive service introduced by Apple and no doubt that Apple users always try to shame Samsung users for it. These comeback GIFs have signs of aggressiveness against iPhone users but it is nothing new, it has been going on for years. With the launch of GIFs against the blue bubble, TheVerge noted that Samsung is also sponsoring meme pages on Instagram to use these GIFs in the posts.

Bottom Line

The ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung users is nowhere coming to an end. This new GIFs collection is nothing but a comeback against the tantrums iPhone users throw on Samsung users for lacking blue bubble conversations. Samsung, no matter how much you try but you can’t compete with Apple superiority. We appreciate this new strategy you used against the Apple users but on a serious note, these GIFs are so weird.

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