Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft: Which Tech Company Pays the Most to Its Internees? (Report)

An internship or entry-level job for a recent college graduates as a data scientist, product manager or software engineer at the leading tech companies including, Facebook, Amazon or Salesforce can earn them much more than any other company, as disclosed by a recent study conducted by recruiting site, Glassdoor.

To make a list of US-based companies paying the most to internees or for entry-level jobs, 25 salary reports from March 1, 2018, to February 28, 2019, were collected by Glassdoor.

Top ten highest paid entry-level jobs include:

1. Data Scientist (an average annual salary is $95,000)

2. Software engineer ($90,000)

3. Product manager ($89,000)

4. Investment banking analyst ($85,000)

5. Product designer ($85,000)

6. User experience designer ($73,000)

7. Implementation consultant ($72,000)

8. Java developer ($72,000)

9. Systems engineer ($70,000)

10. Software developer ($68,000)

Amanda Stansell, economic research analyst at Glassdoor said that comparatively other industries tech giants offers highly lucrative entry-level jobs. A research conducted a while ago showed that tech companies hire for both tech and non-tech roles.

Contrariwise, non-tech companies also hire for technical roles such as software engineer or data scientist. It can be beneficial for people who are looking for a job at tech companies or for the people that want to make use of their technical skills by getting hired at not so big tech companies.

Here are the top 10 Tech internships that pay the most
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Here's the list of top ten companies that pay the highest for internship in the US for 2019:

1. Facebook (average monthly pay is $8,000)

2. Amazon ($7,725)

3. Salesforce ($7,667)

4. Google ($7,500)

5. Microsoft ($7,250)

6. Uber ($7,167)

7. Bloomberg ($7,000)

8. Capital One ($7,000)

9. Apple ($6,667)

10. Bank of America ($5,833)

According to Stansell, tech companies are leading in offering the highest paid internship, making 44% of the list. Whereas, Finance companies come second, followed by consulting companies.

In a present tight labor economy, companies want to attract the best talent for themselves by offering the most attractive salaries to internees.

However, another aspect she highlighted was that money should not be the only reason to apply for an entry-level job. For long-term job satisfaction, three factors matter the most; culture and values of a company, career opportunities for you in future and your faith in the senior leadership of the company.

All these factors must be considered whenever applying for any job role in any company.

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