Google Play Store is working on Its Subscription Service Play Pass

Google is finding new ways to generate more revenue from the Google Play Store. According to a report by AndroidPolice, a monthly subscription service with the name ‘Play Pass’ is being tested by Google. It will give users access to a number of premium Android apps and games.

The subscription will charge $4.99 per month and will let users avail apps without ads, and there will also be no fees or in-app purchase. There will be a variety of apps in this premium subscription, from puzzle games to entertainment apps as well as fitness apps, as shown in the screenshots shared by Corbin Davenport.

Google also confirmed that the feature is in the process of testing phase. However, the company did not share any details about when it is expected to be released or initially in which countries it will be available.

On the other hand, Apple is also working on its Arcade game pass service that is expected to be launched in fall, this year.

Android has not only piracy issues but also there are a lower number of users that would pay for apps, as compared to iOS users. Therefore, it is difficult to sell premium apps on the Google Play Store.

Hopefully, this new subscription service with fixed price would persuade more users to buy apps on the platform.

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