Google’s Sound Amplifier Gets a Redesign and Update

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that technology often needs to be adapted in order to make it accessible for people that suffer from disabilities. Google, in an attempt to make its Android devices more accessible to people that were hard of hearing, launched Sound Amplifier, an accessibility app that increases the volumes of sounds to make it possible for those that are hard of hearing to actually hear them without having to strain too much.

The only problem with Sound Amplifier was that it only worked with Android versions 9.0 and over, so people that had older versions of Android on their phones were simply not able to use this communication app. Google is remedying this now with a relaunch of the app that is going to make it accessible to Android versions 6.0 and over, something that will really change the way that people would be able to use the app and will definitely broaden the number of people that are able to utilize this accessibility application for the purposes of using their phone.
"Sound Amplifier is the latest step in our commitment to make audio clear and accessible for everyone. And we’ll continue to improve the app through new features that enhance sound for all types of hearing.", explained Ricardo Garcia Technical Lead, Android, in a blog post.
The app is also getting a redesign with a smoother, sleeker new look. While this doesn’t exactly serve a functional purpose, the fact of the matter is that it will help make the app blend in a little more seamlessly with the aesthetic redesign that Google is giving quite a few of its properties these days.

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