Facebook is currently working on a new notification format for your post reactions

Facebook was launched in 2004 and since then it changed the concept of social media forever. Facebook is considered as one of the largest social media platforms that engage a variety of audience from all over the world. 2.4 billions users rely on this platform for a variety of tasks. Facebook changed the concept of the digital world forever. Now users prefer looking for brands online instead of going to the market to visit themselves. The services offered by these social apps are making users depend more on social platforms as compared to earlier days.

Deep down, every person wants to have its own unique space where they can share their thought without the fear of being judged. Everyone wants to be heard and these social media platforms made that possible for them. These social apps offer a space for users to be themselves without any social norms and to posts their content to the public and to influence others like they ever wanted.

Facebook working on a new strategy to ease its users

Facebook always releases new features and policies to improve the experience of its users on the platform. Recently, Matt Navarra spotted a new feature Facebook is currently experimenting with. According to Navarra, Facebook is currently working on a new notification format to help users know about their reactions on each post. Previously, Facebook launched its reactions feature on the posts to make it easy for users to put reactions instead of words as Emojis are more trending as compared to words. Now with this new notification format, Facebook is trying to highlight reactions on each Facebook posts within the notification listing to help users know about reactions more clearly and quickly.

Detailed insight into this new feature

This new notification format would display a small title of the post and along with that it will show the Reactions on that specific post. This new feature can be seen in the notification listing and will specifically highlight post Reactions in more visual format as compared to the previous text format.

This new format can help you engage with your audience more easily, the visual notification will stand out in the notification listing making it easy for you to understand Reactions on the individual post and can help you know about an unexpected Reaction on a post or about the post with more Reactions as compared to others.

Although it is a very small modification but if you look at it from marketer’s point of view you’ll realize that this feature can help highlight the posts with more reactions response and can help brands respond faster to increase that engagement.

There is no official response from Facebook regarding the full roll-out of this new feature but we are really looking forward to its launch to help know about post engagements more clearly than ever.

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