Google Is Finally Letting the G-Suit Users to Edit the PDF Files On the Go

As technology is becoming more advanced, most of the users have shifted from laptops to their smartphones. According to a report, most of the users rely on mobile to browse through internet which is one of the main reasons now more companies are designing their websites to be mobile-friendly. As the mobile users are now taking the lead and it is becoming easier to keep track of everything on the go. Most of the people are even sending official documents on mobile and this is the reason most users check their phone even when they are enjoying their vacations.

Previously, if there was any documentation that needed an urgent reaction, there was no way to edit it right away especially if it was a PDF document. Most of the users reported that they were either looking for the second option or they had various third party apps to convert their PDF files to an editable version or simply make the PDF editable, whereas, some even reported that these apps were paid.

Google has now announced to launch a new feature that will help the users to edit a PDF file just as they receive it, which means that users will no longer have to rely on third-party apps or pay for this feature. Google drive users will be able to fill into the fields, checkboxes as well as select the options that are provided in the dropdown menu. Once the changes are done, they can be saved right away as copy and even in the same file. This whole procedure is exactly the same as in other documents or drive.

The only thing that most users are looking forward to, is the fact that this feature only includes editing PDF files and not XFA-formatted files. Since most of the users commonly use XFA-formatted files, they will not be able to e-sign the documents right away from the app. It is now high-time for Google to look into this matter, as most of the users have shown their despair. Experts say that, after a massive response, Google might think about adding the XFA-formatted file edit feature too, however, right now it is just a far-fetched thought.

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