You May Be Able to Save Google Drive Files Offline Soon

Google Drive has made it possible for people to store a lot of different files in one place, and there is also the fact that Google Docs and other such applications have given people an alternative option when it comes to word processors and other kinds of software that used to be dominated by Microsoft. However, one thing that prevented Google Drive from completely supplanting Microsoft as the biggest provider of office based software suites is the fact that saving things offline has been a real pain with this suite of software.

Now, however, Google Drive is testing out a save offline feature that will save the files that need saving within Chrome. This will make them quite easy for you to access and there is also the fact that offline saving will enable you to get to the files even if you don’t have an active internet connection, something that is very important indeed when you think about the fact that you are often going to be left without internet in a wide variety of situations all of which would give you an enormous amount of frustration if you are not able to access your precious files during this time period.

While the offline mode of Google Drive has been available for some time now, the updated version will allow you to save Microsoft Office documents as well along with PDFs and other kinds of images all of which are very important for your work. This is being done in an attempt to turn Google Drive into a much more viable form of cloud based tool, turning it into a storage solution that pretty much anyone would be able to use.

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