46 percent social media users tired of political discussions

2020 elections and it’s campaigns are not far but US social media users are not so interested in it as 46 percent users are worn out of political posts and discussions.

According to a Pew research, only 15 percent users like political discussions while 36 percent population do not feel strong interest towards politics.

The large number of users has lost interest in current affairs since 2016.

46 percent of social media users are 'worn out' by politics on social media

According to facts and figures, stress and difference of opinion are main reasons of being tired of politics because the report says that 68 percent users find political conversation stressful if user has different opinion and 27 percent find such conversation interesting and informative. However, in 2016, there figures were 59 and 35 percent, respectively.

The report has covered information on the basis of sects and political classification as well. It says that white social media users are more worn out of politics (52%) than non-white users (36%). Furthermore, as per survey, 72 percent white and 61 percent non-white users are stressed when somebody disagree with their political-views.

On the basis of political classification, the report says that Republicans and Republican learners are more tired (51%) than Democrats and Democrat learners (43%).

Although, most if the figures and facts are changed, one remains same and it is related to similarity in opinions. Both reports (2016 and 2019) say that 67 percent users find that their political opinions are less common when social media users disagree with them which they have not expected while 27 percent users find that their opinions are similar to other people.

As the years are passing, people are finding political news more exhausting and negative than exciting, according to the report.

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