These are the Biggest Data Breaches in the past 15 years

We live in the world of digitalization where we can access everything anywhere we go without the issues of taking that data manually with us. But one of the major Drawbacks of this is that our sensitive data can be exposed to different dark web lists for sale. In the world of Cybercrime, data breaching is considered the top terrifying trend. And what’s scarier? The fact that we don’t see any improvements to slow this data breach issues.

Some facts about data breaching over the past few years

1. More than 14,717,618,286 records have been lost or stolen since 2013.

2. A Russian hacker named “peace” stole 117 million LinkedIn email and password combinations in January 2015.

3. A year later, 45.9% of data breaches in the US were in the business sector.

4. 3,353,178,708 records were compromised in the first half of 2018.

5. In 2018, there was an attack on Facebook which compromised 50 million user accounts.

Data breach by regions

  • 86% of data breaches worldwide occurred in North America in 2017.
  • 6% occurred in Europe
  • 6% occurred in Asia-pacific
  • 1% occurred in the Middle East and Africa
If you look at the frequency of data breach, it is 75 records compromise every second which means 6.500.715 data breach every day.”

Average cost of the data breach

  • Globally, the average cost of a data breach is 6.4%.
  • The average cost of each stolen data with confidential information is more than 4.8%.

Reasons behind Data Breach

  • Hackers or criminals compromise 42% of data.
  • 29% of a data breach is caused by system failures or glitches.
  • One out of four employees cause data breach rather than outside hackers.

Analyzing data breach in the US in 2018 on the basis of Sector

  • 45.9% Data breaches occur in the business sector.
  • 29.2% data was compromised in the medical/healthcare sector.
  • 10.9% data breach in the banking/financial sector.
  • 8% the data breach occurred in government/military sectors.

Top data breaches in known digital platforms


Breach occurred when two hackers compromised login credentials to access data stored on Uber’s Amazon web services account in October 2016.

Firm paid hackers 100,000$ to keep quiet and delete the data.

Data Compromised: 
25.6 million Names and email addresses.
22.1 million Names and phone numbers.
607,000 names and driver’s license numbers.


In September 2018, the attackers exploited the code of Facebook’s “View as”. This allowed them to steal access token that can be used to access user accounts.

Data Compromised:
Profile information of the users was stolen.
User interests and preferences were compromised.
50 million accounts were compromised by this attack.

Bottom line

Either you’re an online business owner or a social media user, it is very important to always be up to the latest cybersecurity statistics which can help you understand online safety trends. The only thing we’ve learned from the past years' breaches is that no one is safe from the cybercriminals, not Facebook, not yahoo and not even us.

15 of the Biggest Data Breaches in The Last 15 Years

Infographic courtesy of: Hostingtribunal.

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