YouTube Music’s new feature makes it easy for users to switch Audio/Video formats

Technology is evolving every day, we live in a generation surrounded by a lot of services to engage people. Different companies focus on providing new and unique features to their users to make them rely on these platforms for a variety of tasks.

YouTube, the platform loved by all

YouTube is one of the largest online video streaming platforms. People rely on YouTube for different reasons, from generating revenue from videos to using this platform for guidance related to a variety of issues.

YouTube is a platform that always tries to engage more audience by providing unique services. This social platform’s core focus is to make it all easy for its users.

YouTube Music new Features

Although we’ve seen the core focus of YouTube on video recently Brandon Bilinski, Product Manager confirmed that the latest YouTube Music feature makes it easy for its users to switch from audio to video music videos without any hassle. This means that if a user is listening to an audio track in YouTube Music, he can easily switch to the same music video format without any delay or change in any category.

With this update, the top of the screen will have “song” and “video” tabs as well. With these tabs, it will help to instantly switch to the music video. In default mode, videos will be played in portrait view and rotation will also be available for full screen as well. Uses will be enabled to listen and watch any song without having any issues at all. The video format button appears only on the audio songs that have the same perfectly time-matched official music videos available.

This app even helps users to easily skip long introductions and to start directly at the actual song. Google has an automatic “Don’t play music videos” option in settings as compared to the previous “audio mode” button. With these buttons, users can easily switch videos to audio-only or album versions of the songs.

This new feature of YouTube Music is already rolling out to some users. To enable this feature paid YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription is required.

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