VLC Media Player Safe to Use Despite Security Alert Rumors

Pretty much everyone on the internet has started to become a little wary of the various ways in which you could potentially end up having your system compromised by someone or the other. Hence, when a security alert went around regarding VLC media player, one of the most popular and well regarded media players in the world, a lot of people understandably panicked since they did not know what the context of the situation was nor did they know what a security alert entailed.

If you regularly use VLC media player you should realize that you are safe and that you don’t really need to take any measures in order to protect yourself. That being said, there is a security issue that is being faced in part by VLC media player, but the issue doesn’t have to do with the media player itself. Much on the contrary, it has to do with a former module that the media player used.

Another thing that you should realize is that the module that had the vulnerability that potentially lead to a security threat was removed from the updated version of VLC media player well over a year ago. Hence, if you are worried about the potential security risks that you are being exposed to, all you really need to do is go for a quick update to your VLC media player and you should be safe from any of the vulnerabilities that you may have been worried about before.

Photo: Videolan / Twitter

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