FaceApp Evoke Law Change That Will Help in Tracking Down the Origin of the App

FaceApp has been making rounds on social media networks and news because of its popularity as well as the privacy breach. According to the recent updates the app is from Russian developer and by agreeing to the policy, users are willingly providing access to the their data. Due to this breach, lawmakers have now identified that these loose ends might create havoc that might lead to serious problems if not addressed right now.

In a recent attempt to address this issue and to provide an easy solution, Florida senator Rick Scott has issued a bill that requests that every vendor providing a product or a service needs to mention the country of origin. Regardless of the fact that the service or product is of any type, this law is applicable to all. Moreover, this means that for uploading any app, the developer needs to write the origin country too. To further explain this matter, senator Rick explained that most of the products available on e-commerce stores are by Chinese companies. This means that by buying products from these vendors, the buyers are unintentionally financing the competitors.

Since Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce stores, experts are claiming that this might be a direct hit to the eCommerce giant. However, most of the buyers are still claiming that the quality and price matters more than the origin of the product. For the app, however, things have become a little complicated. For publishing an app, there is more information required, this includes the name of the developer who designed the app, the name of the company as well as the name of the publisher. Although the information is self-reported which means that these developers and companies may end up lying about the origin companies, however, to address this issue in advance, regulatory authorities will verify the information and even punish the developers and publishers for wrong information. Even though the bill has been issued, it will be fully active within six months. Experts are claiming that this bill will help a lot in regulating the law and filling up most of the loopholes when it comes to privacy and data breach scandal.

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