Are publishers becoming wary of the revenue generated from Apple News+?

Apple News+ is making headlines again within months of its launch – but not for the right reasons!

According to a new story published on Business Insider, multiple publishers are not happy with the revenue generated by Apple News+. One contributor told the publishing company that the revenue is, in fact, one-twentieth of what Apple promised while others commented that it is on par with what they earn from Texture – which isn’t much.

The publishers claim that Apple’s News+ team is asking for feedback on their services during meetings. The tech giant also acknowledges that the readers are confused regarding the difference between free articles and paid content.

The publishers of News+ aren’t satisfied with the layout presented for their content. In fact, they are asking for a more user-friendly way to add their content and better functionalities as well.

However, some executives are optimistic about the future of News+ and predict that the service will improve with time.

Apple is also trying to satisfy the publishers by promising to make the app more intuitive so hopefully, we can expect some changes on the magazine’s layout for better navigation.

Some News publishers, according to BI, have said Apple News+ is still in it early stage but surprisingly their revenue from Plus has been underwhelming
Photo: Apple

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