Microsoft Apps on Android Phones Showing Unexpected Ads

Using apps that have been created by Microsoft on an Android device is pretty common. Their usefulness is pretty clear to see when you realize that so many of our daily tasks need to be performed using apps that only Microsoft has to offer, and while the user experience as far as these apps are concerned is more or less satisfactory, recently a few users have reported something a little disturbing which might make you think twice before you end up downloading or installing a Microsoft app.

This problem is that when you open up a Microsoft App on your Android device, you might see the icon of a different app in the control panel with an install option. This is basically a separate Microsoft app that you don’t already have, and since it is in the control panel it is being lumped together with apps that you do have. It is essentially an ad since it is enticing you to download more apps by the same developer, but it has been placed on a panel that is meant to give you easy access to apps that you already have.

This can potentially result in a really cluttered menu for these apps. Android control panels and menus are already criticized for being a little too cluttered, and additions like these are just going to make matters worse. Microsoft needs to realize that cluttering up your phone’s real estate is going to take away quite drastically from your user experience and it would prevent you from getting the kind of experience that you might be looking for.

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