Chrome Notifications Might Now Work Offline

Chrome notifications have always been a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes you want these kinds of notifications because of the fact that you would want to stay up to date on the news or with any kind of site that you find to be within your range of interests. Other times you get bombarded with requests from a site to allow it to send you notifications and you have to make sure that you deny granting the aforementioned site the permissions it requires in order to send you these notifications because of the fact that they would be annoying and distracting.

It turns out that Chrome is getting an update that will make notifications a little more advanced, although it can be said that for the most part this will not change the fact that the existence of notifications are still a bit of a mixed bag. Still, since there are definitely some sites out there that you would want to get notifications from it’s fair to say that these updates are going to positively impact the experience that you get from these notifications.

The changes that are coming will allow you to schedule notifications for a later date, and if you wish you could also toggle on a feature that would allow the notifications to be sent out even if you are offline and not connected to the internet. This is a developer facing update and it is currently unknown when it will be made available to everyone, but when it does get widely released it will probably change the way we use notifications on Chrome in general.

Screenshot: AndroidPolice.

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