New milestone achieved by Alphabet’s internet balloons

For all companies, there’s this inner satisfaction that helps them grow more. To create a unique status among competitors different companies try different strategies to achieve their goals and cross the limitations to create something unique.

Alphabet’s Loon - internet balloon project

The core purpose of this firm is to bring internet availability to people in rural and remote areas. They use high-altitude balloons to create a wireless network to provide access to a variety of remote areas.

Recently, Salvatore Candido Head of Engineering at Loon, stated that the Alphabet’s internet balloons spent hundreds of hours in the stratospheric. It’s a new achievement for balloon broadband enterprise. According to the Candido, this new achievement was unlocked when Alphabet’s Loon spent 1 million in stratospheric, which means they covered almost 24.9 million miles with their balloons. For a company like of Alphabet, this is a big achievement because it’s only been a year since they graduated from Project status.

Detailed workings of the Balloons in stratospheric

The new record of Alphabet’s Loon isn’t just about the miles they achieved, but it’s also about the AI they used in the balloons to change their altitude and to ride to their destinations. Sometimes the routes to destinations can be long and winding, which means without using extra energy internet balloons can move towards the designated route. Loon also promotes strolling with its balloons so that they can easily provide internet access.

Although it is stated that the broadband balloons are still in the prototype form which means there’s a limited adaption of these balloons for now. But if we look at this new achievement from the perspective of the company, this milestone can help make the company stand out in the market of competitors and with time can help the firm grow more and reach the first spot in future.

Photo: Google Loon Blog / Medium

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