What Happens within a Minute Over the Online World? Domo’s Annual Infographic Shows Fascinating Findings

Domo, a cloud software company released the annual ‘Data Never Sleeps’ infographic that illustrates the online world’s activities happening within a minute

According to Domo, 56.1 percent of world population, that makes around 4.39 billion people, now have access to the internet. There has been an increase of 9 percent since January last year.

Josh James, CEO of the company said diversity and speed of data generated online through different apps and web services show how every aspect of life is affected by technology, especially in terms of communicating, collaborating and building a community.

The popularity of certain apps might decline but technology is consistently improving our lives.

The seventh annual infographic by Domo show an interesting insight into the online world. 12 takeaways from 2019’s findings include:

Alone in United States, around 4,416,000 gigabytes of internet data is used in just sixty seconds. Whereas, the figure was 41% less in 2018. This shows the rapid increase in the usage of internet.

In a minute, 511,000 Tweets are posted by Twitterers worldwide, which is an astonishing amount of data.

In 2018, 49,380 pictures were posted in every minute on Instagram. But this year a 12 percent increase has been noticed and now 55,140 photos are uploaded on Instagram within 60 seconds.

The most rise has been noticed in the streaming of Netflix. Since 2018, 614 percent increase has been recorded and now per minute 694,444 hours of content on Netflix is streamed.

Streaming on YouTube is a whole new figure, as on the Google-owned video site 4,333,560 videos were played in a minute last year. In 2019 the number has increased to 4.5 million videos being played every minute on YouTube.

The year-over-year increase of 603% has been seen in the usage of Uber, and now more than 9,772 rides are booked from Uber in a minute.

Since 2018, a 67% increase in the use of Lyft has set another record for the app itself, and this year in a minute over 1,157 rides are booked from here.

On Airbnb, 1,389 rides are booked every minute.

When it comes to GrubHub, within a minute around 8,683 meals are ordered by people through it.

On average, Google now processes more than 4,497,000 searches EVERY minute. And in the same time we sent over 18,000,000 text messages around the world.

Though the number of emails has been reduced due to the introduction of enterprise solutions like Slack and Workplace by Facebook. Since 2014, 8 percent downfall is noticed and this year almost 188 million emails are sent every minute.

The influence of the internet is ever increasing as more and more people are getting access to it. Our worlds have already started revolving around technology and it would be interesting to see what future holds for us.

Data Never Sleeps 7.0 - infographic

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