Instagram is Possibly Taking Action Against Link-in-Bio Tools!

It has become common for Social Media Influencers to have their own clothing lines or other ventures. Their customers are members of their fanbase. The perfect way for influencers to market their services and products is to link their audience to their venture’s site so they can get more details.

However, Instagram only allows one link to be placed, in the bio section. Links cannot be added to the individual posts. To counter this, link-in-bio tools are used. They make sure that you can link to multiple pages and sources of content instead of just a single page. This prevents influencers and marketers from limiting their marketing campaigns.

However, looks like Instagram isn’t a big fan of link-in-bio tools. Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra and Social Media Trainer Jonathan Pollinger recently shared the news about the Facebook-owned media-sharing service cracking down on link-in-bio services.

Navarra also mentioned that Instagram is now slowly blocking Linktree URLs when they get added to the Profile Bio.

This move is probably due to Instagram’s preference of keeping its users in-app rather than providing a gateway to third Party.

Another fair guess would be that Instagram is planning on launching a tool of its own, similar to link-in-bio tools. This would make sense as influencers are a big part of the platform and ensuring that they are satisfied and able to promote their products should be Instagram’s priority.

It should be noted that the news of Crackdown should be taken with a grain of salt for now as multiple Linktree users have claimed that they can still include the URLs in their Bio. In the past, Instagram has banned several users from adding URLs from link shortener services (such as Bitly) and affiliate links from websites like Etsy. So, it’s possible that users who are unable to include such links in their bios have violated any of Instagram’s terms and conditions regarding external links.

If Instagram is seriously considering getting rid of link-in-bio tools, we will definitely be hearing more about it in the coming days. Stay tuned for any further updates in this story.

Screenshot: Matt Navarra / Twitter.

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