Brands Need to Reconsider Next Time They Want to Hire a Big Social Media Influencer

It is common knowledge that social media influencers are overtaking the marketing and advertisement industry. According to an estimate, the influencers industry is worth around 10 billion and it is growing every day. This is very astonishing especially because this industry didn’t even exist few years before, where it has helped the brands to reach their specific and targeted audience handling these influencers is becoming one of the biggest challenges. There are marketing companies that specifically handle these social media influences and help the brands reach the influences that have the ability to target their desired audience.

Previously brands were targeting social media star with the biggest numbers of social media followers, however, recently this the approach has not only been challenged but it has been proved that it’s better to reach out to multiple social media influencers with small but organic reach. To make it even simpler to understand, social media influencers have been ranked according to the number of their followers. Nano influencers have at least 1k-10k followers, micro influencers have 10k-100k followers whereas, medium influencers reach up to 100k-1M followers but in order to get the celebrity status or reach the mega influencer stage, the requirement is 1M+ followers. These followers can be on different social media platforms and each platform helps in targeting a specific audience and niche, and so it brings different value to the brand.

It was previously believed that social media influencers with celebrity status were a better option for marketing and collaboration, however, the perception has been changed now. Experts say that micro-influencers have an organic reach and they have better management with their followers which is the reason they are a better option for marketing and collaboration. Stats from CreatorIQ, explain that Nano influencers have an average of 0.17% engagement on Twitter, 4.4% on Instagram, 0.42% on Facebook and 6.7% on their YouTube account which is significantly better as compared to mega-influencers who only manage to reach 0.008% engagement on Twitter, 4% on YouTube, 0.7% Instagram and only 0.01% on Facebook. See this chart for more insights:

What Brands Need to Consider Before Hiring a Social Media Influencer?

The chart below shows why content format matters too. Surprisingly, images perform well on Instagram as compare to video content in all influencers categories .

Marketers Need to Reconsider Next Time They Want to Hire a Big Social Media Influencer

From the marketing point of view, it is better to collaborate with few Nano-influencers with a better engagement than reaching out to a mega-influencer. This will have a better impact on the brand, it is relativity less expensive and more fruitful for the brand.

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