Half of Americans are naive of the smartphone they are using

According to a recent survey conducted by decluttr, approximately half of the Americans are unable to differentiate between two phones. The study included 2,000 adult Americans who were unable to identify the device they were using when looking at the full lineup of the same brand.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S9+ was the easiest to distinguish by its users with around 71 percent guessing the model correctly.

iPhone XR and iPhone 7 were the hardest to spot with 56 percent of the owners failing to identify it amongst the row of other iPhone.

Moreover, a majority of Americans consider their phones 5G. They also believe that their phones are faster than other devices because it is 5G compatible.

Additionally, 60 percent of Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, and S9 owners are unaware that their device also supports wireless charging.

The consumers become more uninformed when it comes to their Apple-based device. Around 86 percent of iPhone X, XR, and XS owners did not know that their devices supported NFC. Around half of the respondents also did not know that their phones came with water-resisting capabilities.

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