Beware! YouTube Tutorials Offering Counter-Strike, PUBG and Rust Game Cheats Inject Data-Stealing Malware

Some shooting, battle royale, strategy, and survival games’ players use different hacks and cheats to win the game. These hacks and cheats are harmful. They infect users’ computers with Torjans. Torjan is a virus that steal data and passwords of a computer.

.sS.! is a team of security researchers. They discovered malware campaign on YouTube channel, Pirate Hack. Pirate Hack upload videos on the platform. These videos have cheats and hacking tools for well-known games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rust and PUBG. They also have links in the description which viewers can use to download the cheating tools for free.

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BleepingComputers an information security and technology news publication, tested hacking tool of Rust. Its name was Rushhack.exe. The tool was downloaded in the form of ZIP file. The fake cheating tools always come in the form of ZIP file. This ZIP file has further files and instructions in it. The instruction file “TUTORIAL.txt” have instructions to use the tool. One of the instructions is to disable the antivirus program because the code of the cheating tool only works this way.

Rusthack.exe is created in C# application. When Bleeping Computers installed it, it extracted one of the files name from %Temp% folder. That file was svchost.exe. It is Basic Visual Line Compiler from Microsoft. Upon running this file, svchost.exe inject AZORult Torjan or AZORult DLL in the computer. The virus then collect browser history, data, FP passwords from the computer and sent them to hacker.

The Rusthack.exe get copied into %Temp%/ Folder N so that it can take all of the information whenever they login to Windows.

Security researchers also explained that there are different fake Windows Updates, Nord VPN installations and VMWare key generators that put AZORult into PCs.

AZORult is a favorite malware of developers who create sites to infect computers and systems of unknown users. In the past G-cleaner (Windows system optimizer) and PirateCheck (VPN Software) was found to spread this virus in the systems.

Cheats are not worthy to use. They stole your important information which are stored in the form of passwords, emails, files and photos and transfer them to attackers who can then act as the user to steal your money.

Beware and play on your own. It is worse than losing a game.

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