Google’s Next-Generation Assistant is All You Need to Complete Tasks with Convenience

Google revealed its various plans at the annual developer conference, and recently it announced about updated Google’s Assistant app for mobile phones that will soon have a voice-enabled driving mode.

Some of the prominent Driving Mode dashboard features will be providing tailored recommendations about navigation, along with messages, calls and media assistance.

For example after enabling the driving mode, with just a tap Google map will be able to navigate you to your desired location. Google can be asked to play some music for you, and also if there is any incoming call, a notification within the Maps app will appear and you can choose to attend or decline it by saying yes or no.

The driving mode will be available in summer on Android and be launched itself when connected with the Bluetooth of car.

Google’s Assistant is taking this a little further and will let users control their cars remotely. Like, without sitting in car, you will be able to adjust the temperature too.
"Running on-device, the next generation Assistant can process and understand your requests as you make them, and deliver the answers up to 10 times faster. You can multitask across apps—so creating a calendar invite, finding and sharing a photo with your friends, or dictating an email is faster than ever before.", explained Manuel Bronstein Vice President of Product, Google Assistant.
Google’s Assistant will provide customized features to assist. Google presented a demo of Assistant at Google I/O 2019, in which it showed that “Hey Google” will not be required with every command. Instead it will be said only once as wake command, followed by a series of tasks or questions.

It will help you in selecting certain things, like what to listen or what to cook, according to your preferences. “Picks for You”, a system will be launched soon that will initially include recipes, events, and podcasts.

Other than knowing your interest, Google Assistant will keep record of people important to you. You will be required to feed information to system, like locations of your mom’s place or events like a friend’s birthday.

This information will then later be used by Assistant to remind about birthdays. Also, you can ask it to show pictures of your son etc.

Google said that users will have complete control over the information shared that can be edited or deleted anytime from the updated tab in Assistant settings.

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