Facebook announced to create an oversight board to facilitate content review decisions

Facebook has finally decided to form a new content review board that will work independently without facing pressure, as Facebook was being criticized for not playing a good part in deciding and regulating the overall content.
"This board could become an important part of how online expression and communities work going forward.", explained Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in a video discussion with Jenny Martinez, the Dean of Stanford Law School, and Noah Feldman, a Professor at Harvard Law. Adding further, "This board will be tasked with upholding the principle of free expression while ensuring we keep our community safe."
Facebook decided to form the committee because it was trying to keep itself away from formal editorial rules. This new board will enable users "to appeal content decisions through an independent body".

A framework document has been revealed by Facebook after thorough research and meetings. This document includes instructions regarding the content review board. Following major aspects have been discussed in this document.
  • The content review board will act independently and will be free of influence by the state and non-official parties. The board will be granted freedom of rights while maintaining security and violence.
  • The board will be trained by the experts about cultural knowledge, maintaining balance in the material, technicalities and so on. Consultation from the expert will ease the selection and hearing criteria with respect to the content.
  • The team of the board will include members from the diverse communities, having different cultures and belonging to distinct localities to bring a variety of context on the same page.
The team is expected to have almost 40 members and these members will gather at a professional platform, according to Facebook. It also claims that the board will improve Facebook’s efficiency and privacy of the users to better work under the influence of high official conditions. A team making a global culture will enjoy liberty over forced control and regulations.

Facebook will get more recognition and expansion if the board will respond to incidents or be accountable itself (not the Facebook management). In his way, more opportunities and expansion of Facebook community can be predicted.

This can be a productive step for Zuck and Co, aiming for wide expansion.

Global Feedback and Input on the Facebook Oversight Board for Content Decisions
Photo credit: University of Oklahoma College of Law. Facebook Oversight Board workshops and roundtables Public Town Hall - Norman, Oklahoma.

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