A detailed review of Facebook’s new terms of service

Social media is a platform where users can express themselves, a platform where a person can have a life without any sort of worries. People always use social media apps to overcome their anxiety’s or to meet new people through different social circles. People try to be someone else on social media without the fear of being judged. But sometimes even these platforms can have some negative impact on other users as well.

Facebook is trying its best to come up with some new ways to make its users feel more secured and to make their experience friendly. Over the past few years, Facebook faced a lot of problems regarding people’s privacy and regarding harmful content and misinformation. Facebook always tries to come up with some new strategies to overcome these issues.

Newly updated terms of service

Facebook's VP and Associate General Counsel, Anna Benckert, announced that Facebook has published some new terms of service for its users. Its main focus is on content removals, ad targeting, and users’ intellectual property rights as well. According to Facebook, these new terms of services doesn’t mean change in its interface instead its purpose is to give a clear picture of the platform to its users. The new terms of service will take effect on July 31st.

Content violation on Facebook

Over the past years, Facebook made a lot of changes in its guidelines according to their standards. Previously if content was reported as violation of standards it was analyzed and removed permanently. But with the update on Facebook, they don’t just focus on removing the content but also provide user a restriction to access the data only if they want to.

There are different reasons any content may violate Facebook’s community standards. Now, Facebook updated version will give an option to users that they can request for another review and if the content continuously violates Facebook community standards than it will be removed permanently.

The new terms also make it clear that all the photos uploaded by users have certain ownership over them. Facebook only displays the content that is connected to Facebook products.

Ad targeting strategies

We recently heard news about Facebook selling users personal information to different businesses to help them achieve more audience. Later on, Facebook claims that they neither share any personal information of the users nor they sell the personal data. They only allow advertisers to tell about the business goals and the type of audience they need and then Facebook shows their ads to their desired type of audience.

Facebook Updates Its Terms of Service to Better Explain How It Makes Money

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